Beloved Sufferer

The Life and Mystical Revelations
of a Russian Eldress: Schema-Nun Macaria

By Gennady Durasov

Like a fragrant and vivifying breeze comes the story of a holy sufferer from a suffering land. Crippled from the age of three and completely helpless in her later years, Schema-Nun Macaria (+1993) was an instrument of healing through the power of Christ for thousands of sick and suffering souls. Though physically fragile, she was filled with spiritual power born of humility and self-sacrifice, and patiently and lovingly bore the sorrows of all who turned to her for help.

Unseen and insignificant to the world, Schema-Nun Macaria shines forth as a modern saint - a loving patron of the maimed and crippled. Her closeness with the Theotokos is awe-inspiring; equally incredible is the mountain of faith in this long-suffering woman.

"Being illiterate, she wanted very much to know the Paschal Canon (Easter service) by heart. Because of its great length, it wasn't easy to remember just by listening. The young novice began to pray to the Theotokos, asking for help. Once the Queen of Heaven appeared, ordering Macaria to repeat after her the words of the canon. Thus she learned it for good."

"When she was in paradise, she implored the Queen of Heaven with tears, either to heal her legs or let her remain there. The Theotokos said that she would not remain in Paradise, but would be of help to people on earth, promising Macaria, 'I will not abandon you.'"

- excerpts from Beloved Sufferer

Mother Macaria's vivid communion with the reality of the other world is unparalleled in the 20th century. Beloved Sufferer relates visions and miracles that ring very true because of the unconditional love and great suffering of this holy woman. This biography, written by a close and devoted eyewitness to her struggles, portrays the holy woman's vision of heaven and hell, her glory and her grief, and opens to us a glimpse of the future age.

"To fast and pray - in this is our salvation" - Schema-Nun Macaria

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