Father Gerasim

of New Valaam

"... A monk like me, fleeing the glory of men, will come and live on Spruce Island. " -St. Herman of Alaska

This prophecy was fulfilled 100 years later in the person of Father Gerasim (+l969), who lived a hermitic way of life on Spruce Island, Alaska, for 30 years, praying alone for the world. His standard was the basic Christianity of the heart.

Fr. Gerasim became a hero for the future - an inspiration for young idealists of new generations, and a shining example of steadfastness and constancy in an age of relativism, luke-warmness and betrayal.

FATHER GERASIM OF NEW VALAAM includes a preliminary Life of this righteous confessor, together with selections from his letters and three of his articles, all of which are largely autobiographical. From his words there emerges a warm, loving and endearing man, close to God's creation. At the same time, we see him as a mystic of the holy Optina tradition, a true knower of God to whom contact with the other world was a common reality.

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